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Built with Indexhibit

Spring 2013, instructor:John Enright, with Brielle Kotecki

This project for an apartment building in downtown Los Angeles is about layering and mixed perception. The building has two towers with small footprints. The small footprints lift the building off the ground level, inviting the pedestrian to experience the building. The towers move towards each other, touching at a point, and then moving apart. Practically, this allows for more rooms with window space.

Creating the towers allowed for a central public space, which is contained in a mesh. The apartments are housed in the innermost layer, the glazed containment. The two inner figures pull apart into the towers, which creates the central space. Although residents cannot move between the towers, the mesh containment allows for visual paths across the space while only hinting at the outside.

The extruded mesh creates massing in the building through lines. Practically, the mesh allows for balconies and added privacy for residents. The mesh pulls the inner figures inwards, while also creating pockets of public space.