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Spring 2013, Instructor: Tom Wiscombe, with Taryn Bone, Sara Moomsaz, and Garrett Santo

Conventional 20th century assemblies, characterized by adjacency of systems and mineral-based hardware, will be questioned, in favor of polymer-based meta-assemblies produced through squishing, embedding, and inlaying. Composite tectonic articulation, super-thin technologies, and abstract figures
will be blended and fused with systems of 3D formal and 2D graphic articulation.

The project consisted of multiple layers of plastic: styrene, ABS, and PETG. The layers allowed the object to thicken and thin in certain places, which could practically be used for mechanical systems. The layers held the clear layers, which could be seen as glazing in a building system.

Using traditional milling to create the initial shape and vacuum forming for the plastic, the group used the robot arms to cut the shapes on the complex surface. The robot was able to remove sections that would be otherwise impossible to cut from ABS plastic.

[link to final animation]
[link to class animation]